Live Wild Soul Sounds- Singing in Nature

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Singing in nature is profoundly joyful, healing and good for the soul. We are pleased to be offering another seasonal programme of ‘Live Wild Soul Sounds’  workshops in 2022. Join us every month in Hebden Bridge and Manchester alternately.


**In Spring 2023, we are also excited to to be running our second  Live Wild Soul Sounds weekend residential retreat! Find out more about the retreat here.  **


About the monthly workshops

On a Live Wild Soul Sounds singing workshop we invite you to connect with nature and community, sing from the heart in harmony with others and find your authentic voice as you learn beautiful songs from around the world. Workshops are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to those with an established love of singing.

The workshops take place in picturesque woodlands in both south Manchester and Hebden Bridge alternately. On the day, we make our way through the woods together, singing as we go and stopping in beautiful spots, eventually ending up around a campfire. Tuning into our senses and the season, we settle into the deep peace of the woodland and connect with our authentic voices. The workshops involve some physical movement, toning and voice warm ups. We then learn chants and songs from around the globe using simple call and response.


There is a shelter on site in case of rain, and a compost toilet and hand washing facilities. Bring your own packed lunch and flask with a hot drink to enjoy around the fire during a break.


Our Singing Tutors

Eco-therapist Leona Johnson (Live Wild) and Musician and Song Leader Damien Mahoney (Soul Sounds/ Music is Medicine) have come together to offer these nourishing, fun and inspiring workshops, inviting participants to open and explore their senses and extend their awareness to include the other-than-human world as they sing around a cosy campfire. Leona and Damien create a safe, inclusive and welcoming space from which to connect to ourselves, each other and the natural world.

Our Learning Methods

The Eight Shields Model of Nature Connection. For our ancestors, spending time around a fire in nature and using chants and songs would accompany every kind of activity and mark times of joy and celebration, grief and loss. Coming together as a community in nature we can reclaim this vital form of expression for our own healing and regeneration. Singing like this is a great way to loosen and release emotional blockages in the body. It can be particularly helpful for issues around communication, creativity and connection to others.

The Natural Voice Network (NVN) approach to singing. This is about celebrating the voice you were born with and finding a way to connect to our unique, authentic voice. This is about feeling more alive, energised and expressive.

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