Partnership Working

Partnership Working.
Live Wild offer bespoke courses and programmes to work with local services and organisations based in the community. We welcome expressions of interests from organisations that would like to commission our services or who would be willing to work in partnership with us so we could gain specific needs based funding.

Our team consists of social workers, specialists in ecopsychology, teachers and play workers as well as all being trained in outdoor leadership whether it be Forest School, Bushcraft, foraging, nature connection and more..

Why we offer this work to groups

There is a strong body of evidence linking nature connection work and natural play to improved physical and mental well-being and resilience. (summary in National Trust 2012; RSPB 2012; Play England 2007, MIND 2013; Bird 2012)

The group work we offer will
-build self esteem
-build community and social cohesion
-increase skill sets
-increase physical and mental wellbeing.
-create access to nature, especially for people on low incomes.
-break down barriers to employment
-increase understanding, knowledge and respect for the environment.
-break down barriers around status, gender, ethnicity and cultures.
-create rural employment opportunities
-offer positive role models

There is currently little work being offered to groups of adults. and people working with services, in this area. Be innovative. Lets connect.


Leona Johnson on 07979 207296

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