Woodland Women* Day

Spend time in a beautiful woodland setting with other women. *  Enjoy connecting with nature and learning new skills such as whittling, campfire cooking and foraging.


The flow of the day will include being guided to identify seasonal wild food which we will collect for our feast.  We will then learn and practice different ways of using natural materials to create fires to cook on.  In small groups we will make a variety of tasty dishes to enjoy together, experiencing the joy of communal cooking in the wild.

After lunch we will introduce several whittling techniques and give you a chance to practice these before creating your own item to take home.

Throughout the day we will offer nature connection activities and practices to support you in feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Experience the pleasure of spending time in a connected way in a wild and natural environment.

Get a taster for being hands on with tools and trees. Come and get away from the stresses and strains of life to be immersed in nature and good company. Bring a friend, bring your mum, or come alone and meet new people in a friendly relaxed setting.  

If you are interested in joining us for one of our future Woodland Women Days email us at info@livewild.org.uk

‘Wonderfully empowering, encouraging, inspiring-want to do more of it!!! Birgitta

‘I had a very enjoyable day learning and remembering.  I experienced the friendship of other women who all wanted some connection with nature.  I thoroughly enjoyed the weather.  We managed even in the rain to have a fun day.’ Wilma

‘Enjoyed all of the elements of the day and there was a good balance in the time devoted to each activity.  Would wholeheartedly recommend the course’  Vicky A.

*We welcome all those who identify as women, we use an inclusive definition of women and female welcoming participants who may identify as non-binary, cis-gendered or trans.