Live Wild Nature Quest


The Calling

This is a calling to all those who are searching for deeper meaning, stronger sense of knowing and a life of true purpose. This experience is designed to take you through a process of learning and transformation referred to by Joseph Campbell as The Hero’s Journey.

In response to this calling you will leave your familiar world to undergo an initiation, to cross a threshold in search of meaning and of transformation. Its an invitation to face the unknown in order to gain something of value. Whether its wisdom or adventure you seek or a greater sense of belonging and awareness, answering this calling will take you through a process that will open you to the power of possibility.

For each person the feeling is different, but if the calling is there you will know.  

The Nature Quest provides an amazing opportunity  for all those who have longed for deeper personal understanding to gain a greater sense of why you are here and what you are to do in this life


What is a Nature Quest?

The Nature Quest with Live Wild is a 4 day guided experience that will prepare you and support you to find the question or intention that is waiting to emerge from the core of your being. It is a group process in which every member’s very individual intention and experience is integral to the outcome and learning as a whole. The experience of being part of a group of people who are all powerfully connected to their personal intention really helps to create and charge a powerful group intention and experience. You will start as a group, exploring, developing and preparing together for your time alone. You will then leave the group after only a few days to go and sit with your intention during a 24 hour solo in nature. Your solo experience will be the space to find the deep place of connection to the wisdom within you and within the natural world..


Why a Nature Quest?

Through time immemorial individuals have taken themselves away into the wilderness to get closer to that true sense and oneness that we all know is there. These methodologies have been developed through a combination of wisdom from ancient cultures and also ecopsychology theory to include rituals and practices that help you unlock and reconnect to your wilder and wiser parts that are often not easily accessed in our modern life and culture. 

This rite of passage has become lost to modern day society and we can often feel the call to be closer to nature and test ourselves in the elements and forces. It is massively empowering and connecting to sit  in a place of fear within yourself and to learn that it’s all ok, you can bare it and will come out stronger and more confident and in awe with your position in nature.. Seeking, offering, communing and learning how to be with yourself and nature is a true challenge  – but an infinitely rewarding one to undertake. 



Thursday 26th September- Sunday 29th September 2019


Your guides Leona and Alan are experienced Nature Mentors who have themselves been through many nature quests and have held space for others to do theirs.


Where to Start?

The first step is to sign up and commit to the process, to gain insight into yourself, others and the world using nature as your medium. The journey begins there and is a beautiful process of discovery and exploration.

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When You Sign Up

The quest involves a preparation process which will help you get clear on what you want to gain from your quest. This will happen both before your arrival and will be part of our first few days together. We will spend time individually and in groups reflecting and exploring themes and areas that are poignant for you.

In this time we will also introduce practices to really help you slow down, become present and allow you to sink into deep listening and knowing.

We will introduce the medicine wheel and the Eight Shields which offer a map for holistically viewing the many cycles of life and explore the options for implementation of personal ritual and ceremony to support different ways of bringing about change. We will look into shadow work and its transformative potential. These practices will be shared as offerings to you which you may chose to try and take into your life or you may leave.

We will bring with us skills, tools and stories that have empowered and humbled us, and helped change our perspectives, from years of work with our teachers and mentors and from our own personal experiences.

We will support you on a practical level and give time to explore and get to know the land and find your quest spot.

There will also be time for us to get to know each other, play, rest and feel supported.


The Quest and You

You will go out for a 24 hour nature solo. You will leave camp in silence, in respect of the journey your will take for 24 hours alone – Your time, Your quest.

Going together as a group brings power to the experience. Being alone and yet knowing that across the hills others are exploring their quest brings that deep sense of connection and belonging that we all long for from time to time at least.



We invite you to fast for the duration of the 24 hour solo. Removing the ingrained habits of making and eating food as well as the energy that it takes to process will really give you the chance to remain focused and sit with what’s happening for you. It’s a stretch and often beyond comfort zones to be without food but the tradition of leaving behind worldly comforts supports the notion of it being an offering in return for answers, connection or deeper knowing – an option that again raises the bar on the potential of this quest.


The Return from ‘you’ to ‘us’

Returning together in silence and holding the energy, the learnings, stories and all that is yours from that experience really honours your commitment to life and the search that you and your companions have been on. Hearing it all flow out around the fire will bring substance and deeper learning. Sometimes what is experienced by one can be the learning of another. There can be much value in the stories. After that, we will share a feast to celebrate your return.



The final day will be spent planning and integrating the lessons for the return. We’ll explore what you want to do next, have time to share more with others and express our gratitude for the space and the experience and our deepening connection to the natural world – the world that is as much us as anything else.


The Journey takes place in a beautiful secret and hidden valley in Calderdale. With the beautiful varied landscape characteristic to this area you will feel like you could be anywhere in the world. From the lush green steep valley sides

by the roaring river to the moorland tops and vast expansive views you really will get to feel immersed in this landscape and the magic of the valley.


Practical Information

Accommodation will be in personal tents during the preparation phase of the camp and will need to have all your own camping equipment. A detailed kit list will be provided.

All food, drinks and snacks will be provided and we will prepare and cook most meals together on the campfire.

Pre quest guidance and activities will be provided with plenty of time for you to delve into your process before arriving.


Cost of investment in your self and in us for our offering.


A limited number of concessions available. Please email for information on this option.


Book online


Email- or call Leona on 07979 207296 for more information and to book. Or use the contact from below.