Deeply soul nourishing. A beautiful safe space to open up, be expressive and connect with nature and new people. The venue was accessible and private whilst still feeling wild.
Sarah Babbs
Spring Singing in the Wild Woods

What course participants say…

‘Great day, very informative, really enjoyed it’ Anya
‘It was fun, relaxed and I felt equipped, but need to get a knife, to start whittling’  Anon
‘Lovely tutors- knowledgeable and approachable’ Sophie
‘Had a great time.  Good setting, friendly, clear instruction, good examples, able to make stuff to take home, nice tea’ Anon
‘Thank you, another great day. Interesting, informative, well taught and presented. Lots of extra information about different types of wood and history was really interesting.’ Nessa D.
‘Really enjoyed it.  Informative, relaxed, useful’. Jo 
‘Fabulous’ Chirstie R.
‘Wonderfully empowering, encouraging, inspiring-want to do more of it!!!  Just right – you packed an amazing amount in without ‘stress” Birgitta
‘Fantastic experience, enjoyed preparing the food and just the whole day’  Mags
‘I had a wonderful, relaxing time’ Anon
‘Inclusive and safe, everyone was together. Wonderful ‘   Julie H.
‘Wonderful.  I feel more peaceful. I loved it’  Lynda
‘Absolutely wonderful-positive, inspiring, grounding- I leant and enjoyed so much’  Rachel 
‘Peaceful, gentle, inclusive, kind, fun, joyful working together in harmony, earth connectedness’ Christina
‘Leonie and Claire have provided me with more than ample info on what to forage along with lots of extra interesting facts!’ Becky
‘Chilled out, never felt rushed which enabled me to feel totally relaxed’ Anon
‘I had a very enjoyable day learning and remembering.  I experienced the friendship of other women who all wanted some connection with nature.  I thoroughly enjoyed the weather.  We managed even in the rain to have a fun day.’ Wilma
‘Thoroughly enjoyed it’ Emma
‘Good pace and varied activity,  Enjoyed being hands on.  Even enjoyed the rain.’ Anon
‘Enjoyed all of the elements of the day and there was a good balance in the time devoted to each activity.  Would wholeheartedly recommend the course’  Vicky A.
‘Engaging and relaxing.  Very interesting.  It was a great day with lovely people. ‘  Eve D.
(I liked) being outside with leaders who are so confident in wild knowledge, learning more and breathing fresh air’ Anon
‘Very interesting and fun’ Sarah M.
‘Really pleasant, learnt lots of interesting useful things’ Anon
‘Very much enjoyed it’  Ruth W.
‘Really enjoyed the day.  Learnt new things, well run, felt very looked after.  Thank you’ Nessa
‘Informative, friendly, informal, great location, good pace and chilled’ Anon
‘Excellent.  Exceeded expectations’  Sally L.
‘Amazing experience.  Really loved the day. ‘ Sandy B.
‘Thank you! It was simply amazing :)’ Anon
‘Really well explained and interesting introduction to foraging’ Sam
‘Loved it-again! Great location, good sized group, awesome knowledgeable instructors’ Danielle
‘Very relaxed, fun, interesting experience’ Daniel
‘Really lovely. Very relaxed, informative.  Fabulous lunch.  I liked the combination of identifying, picking, preparing then eating.” Anon
‘An excellent idea, excellent day out’  Anon