About Live Wild- Nature Connection in Calderdale, West Yorkshire


Live Wild’s courses and programmes in Northern England invite people of all ages to rediscover the ‘wild nature’ both inside and outside of us.

Our offerings for adults include Foraging day courses, our unique long-term foraging programme The Forager’s Journey,  & Questing With Fire. Programmes for children include Monthly Nature Club, Wildlings Holiday Club and Calder Valley Woodland School home education days. We also run funded programmes with schools and organisations that promote healing and wellness through nature connection.

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What it means to ‘Live Wild’

As old as the hills and as mysterious as the night sky, our connection to the wild world runs deep. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors interacted with nature all the time, relying on it for everything they needed to survive & thrive. From harvesting wild plants and mushrooms to making fire and honouring natural cycles with ceremonies, these interactions were central to life. We have all inherited this legacy of wisdom and ability- it’s in our bones- but in an age of screens, cities and endless information, it can be hard to access.

We invite you to rediscover this legacy with us- to realise how deeply we can connect, how alive we can feel, how empowered we can be when we give ourselves the space to learn, play, connect and explore.

We ‘live wild’ by tuning into all of our senses, and to the cycles of nature. By awakening mind, body, heart and spirit, we get to the places where the magic and wisdom lie.

In a fast changing world where so much of our wild nature is in need of healing, learning to live harmoniously with the wild in ourselves and the world is vital. It creates healthy minds & bodies, joy, resourcefulness and confidence, as well as cooperation, resilience and abundance in our communities.

In living wild, we are not only learning how to be more fully ourselves, but how to be inspirational ancestors for those humans yet to come.

Our Learning Tools

We use learning tools from Forest School, Bushcraft and the Art of Mentoring.

At Live Wild we have an understanding that as nature itself, we are living, breathing elements of a system much more expansive than we could ever imagine, yet we are part of it. In our capacity as human beings we will act as stewards of this land and of ourselves and in doing so dedicate our lives to supporting others to grow the sense of awe and wonder that we all need to feel truly and fully alive

You can read more about the Live Wild team of nature connectors and leaders here. 

Contact Us

Whether you are school, organisation, group of friends, parent or individual, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us on: info@livewild.org.uk  

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