Policies and Procedures

Our values


At Live Wild our intention is to foster and facilitate connection: connection to ourselves, connection to others, connection to the natural world. These values guide and inform all our work.


Our policies


Our policies act as the foundation for how we work. In the policies we refer to Core Members and Practitioners. Live Wild Core Members are responsible for the strategic direction and management of the organisation. Live Wild Practitioners are responsible for delivering our courses, programmes and events. All our Core Members are also Practitioners.


Our practice


Translating these policies into good practice in the woods is crucial – and to support this we have created a booklet that includes our policies and procedures together. These ensure all our Practitioners work to the same standards, guided by a shared set of values.


Cancellation policy


In the case of an attendee cancelling:

Generally if a booking is cancelled more than two months before the start of the programme/ course: a full refund will be given. If the booking is cancelled within two months of the course date: a refund will only be given if Live Wild are able to fill the place on the programme. Should we be unable to do so, we cannot offer a refund.

Once a course/ programme has commenced we cannot offer a refund in any case.


In the case of Live Wild cancelling a course or programme:


There may be occasions when we unfortunately have no choice but to cancel a course or programme due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case it is our policy to notify participants as soon as possible. Depending on the individual programme and circumstances surrounding the cancellation, we will then usually offer the option to either transfer to a future course of the same value, or receive a refund. Policies for individual programmes may vary, so please see the relevant webpage for further details or get in touch with an enquiry.

Cancellation and site closedown due to adverse weather (Applies to programmes for children and young people only)

  • Greater risks of injury and harm can occur if the weather becomes unusually severe, including extremely heavy rain; sleet, ice and snow; strong winds. In severe weather, if there are not good enough accessible shelters, Practitioners will consider whether to shorten or cancel the session.
  • If wind speed is forecast to be at Beaufort Wind scale 7 (average wind speed over or above 32mph but consideration of gusts also taken into account) Practitioners will consider shortening or cancelling the session.
  • If there is a high likelihood of flooding, Practitioners will consider the risks associated with the session continuing and the journeys to and from home. In these instances, Practitioners will consider shortening or cancelling the session.
  • The decision to cancel should ideally be made by 6pm on the day before the session is due to run. However, in the interests of safety, Practitioners may cancel a session at any point, including during the session itself.
  • Live Wild are unable to refund the costs of a session to participants or the client if cancelation takes place due to adverse weather conditions.
Our policies are in line with standard statutory UK consumer rights.



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