Wildlife Tracking

Tracking Course Yorkshire

Tracking is an ancient skill that is still relevant today. It teaches us to observe fine details as well as landscape-scale patterns, and is a gateway to connecting with nature and becoming more aware of the lives of other species around us. When we start solving a tracking mystery in a footprint or other clue left by a non-human creature, we soon find ourselves discovering more about birds, trees, plants, weather, insects and more . . .

Upcoming Workshop – Wildlife Tracks and Signs with Dan Puplett

28th May 2023, 10am-4pm

Open to adults and young people aged 12+

In this tracking workshop you will learn to see and interpret some of the many clues waiting to be discovered. We will explore how tracking can help you get closer to wild animals and to understand their lives.

You will learn how to identify a range of signs including footprints, homes, scat, feeding sites and more. Bring out your inner nature detective!

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.


About the workshop leader

Dan Puplett is a naturalist, tracker and environmental educator. He has trained in depth in nature connection and naturalist mentoring and has a Level 4 (100%) certificate in Track & Sign from Cybertracker Conservation (the global standard for evaluating trackers in the field). Dan is the author of the Field Studies Council British Bird Tracks and Signs chart as well as the new forthcoming FSC Mammal Tracks & Signs chart. Learn more about him at www.danpuplett.co.uk