Little Nature Lovers

Weekly Nature-Connection Videos for kids


In this series of videos, Hayley from Live Wild inspires Little Nature Lovers from the Calder Valley and beyond to get outside and connect with the natural-word, offering fun, adventurous and simple activities to inspire you every week. The Little Nature Lovers series aims to get children of different ages outdoors and engaging with nature, and to build connections across the community. 

Week Four: Search for Signs of Spring

Take a walk in nature and look out for the signs that spring is arriving! Access and download the activity sheet here 




Week Three: SEED BOMBS!

Make your very own wildflower seed bombs to kickstart the spring and help out the bees and the butterflies.




Week Two: Half-Term Treasure Trail Around Todmorden


Follow Hayley’s cunning clues on this treasure trail around Tod! Add your own bit to the treasure trail by picking up a little wooden disc from Tod Almighty Wholefoods. View and download the clue sheet here. 


Week One:Birds


Learn how to make a simple bird feeder, pick up some tips on birdwatching and learn how to make your own flying bird craft. If you’re based in the Calder Valley you can pick up your free packet of bird seed and bird on a stick template from Tod Almighty Wholefoods Store, or download the template here.
Here are some links to some birdwatching sites that will help children to learn to identify the birds:…… This week’s “bird on a stick” craft was inspired by the “Learning With Nature” book which provides lots of inspiration for getting children outdoors and active.