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Bushcraft courses Yorkshire

Deepen your connection to the wild world around you on one of our 2023 courses and programmes in northern England. We aim to empower you with ancient skills and knowledge whilst also drawing on contemporary science and ecology. Become more in touch with your own abilities and gain a greater sense of belonging in nature. 



Questing With Fire


Join us for this five-part journey over 3 months as we explore our relationship to fire and the elements, and prepare for an ancient rite-of-passage known as a Fire Quest. The next programme runs from May-July 2023.


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Participant on Questing With Fire 2022
A really deep and beautiful experience which has brought me finally into a more intimate connection and understanding with nature, the elements and in particular the guidance and wisdom of fire. It was and still is such a powerful journey with practical fire skills and also on a deeper journey of personal initiation as the magic and lessons continue to reveal themselves and unfold. A powerful way to be in nature and to have what you need reflected back to you as opposed to what you think you may want. A deep, enriching and transformation experience held in a safe, loving and beautiful way. Thank you to my fellow questers and the team.


Wild Food Foraging Courses


Ever wondered which of the vibrant green leaves that pop up in spring are edible, or what our hunter-gatherer ancestors might have eaten to see them through a winter in West Yorkshire? Could you really collect enough wild food in local woodland for a whole meal…and would a chocolate covered mushroom taste as weird as it sounds?

Our foraging courses in West Yorkshire are a journey through the season and the senses. We focus on getting to know the land and its wild food in a deep, immersive way that makes it easy to continue learning, gathering and cooking at home.

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The Forager’s Journey


Our Forager’s Journey programme is an immersive six-part course based in beautiful locations around Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. The programme, now in its second year, is for those wishing to delve deeper into the fascinating world of wild food, medicine and plant lore.

This programme includes:

  • A guided journey through the forager’s year, learning how to safely identify and sustainably harvest a wide range of wild plants and fungi throughout the seasons
  • Understanding of what can be found in different habitats, including woodland, meadow and hedgerow
  • Practical sessions in which we will make delicious and nutritious foods and drinks from the wild plants and mushrooms we harvest
  • Practical instruction in making a campfire using foraged materials, and cooking effectively on it, whatever the weather
  • Using plants and herbs as medicines and items for a ‘wild first aid kit’
  • Reflective and creative time in nature. We will encourage you to form deep connections with the plants and fungi through focused observation, drawing, and engaging all of your senses
  • Rekindling community traditions around collecting and preparing wild foods
  • Plant lore. Out tutors will share stories, folklore & history of the wild foods we find
  • ‘Wild work’ assignments. These activities will encourage you to stay on the Forager’s Journey when you are back at home between programme sessions

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Long term foraging course

Participant on The Forager's Journey 2022
"The course totally exceeded my expectations. I was expecting to learn about plants, but over and above this the depth of knowledge of the facilitators was mind blowing. The most amazing things was how Leonie and Sophie held the space. We all came away wanting every day to be like this."



Wild Singing Workshops

Singing in nature is profoundly joyful, healing and good for the soul. We are pleased to be offering another seasonal programme of ‘Live Wild Soul Sounds’ day workshops in 2023, taking place in Hebden Bridge and south Manchester alternately. The Soul Sounds workshops are a chance to connect with nature and community, sing from the heart in harmony with others and learn beautiful songs from around the world, suitable for complete beginners and those with an established love of singing.

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Bushcraft & Whittling

We run courses on bushcraft, whittling and green woodworking. This year, we are focusing on Bushcraft Mushrooms – join us to learn about local mushrooms that can be used as fire lighters, first aid and food.

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