Wild Singing in Autumn – Manchester

Singing in Nature is profoundly joyful, healing and good for the soul.

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Following on from our series of amazing Winter, Spring and Summer Singing events this year we are now pleased to be offering Wild Singin in Autumn.

A day of nature connection practices and songs of reflection and celebration for the Autumn Equinox.

At the turn of the season come and celebrate the weaving together of a unique combination of Nature Connection practices, voice work and beautiful connecting songs from around the world.

Leona Johnson (Live Wild) and Damien Mahoney (Soul Sounds/ Music is Medicine) have come together to offer this nourishing, fun and inspiring day of opening and exploring our senses, extending our awareness to include the other than human world and communal singing around a blazing campfire in a beautiful secret woodland location in South Manchester.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those new to singing as well as those who have loved it all their lives.

Using the Eight Shields Model of Nature Connection Leona and Damien create a safe, inclusive and connected space from which to explore our senses and our connection to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world.

Using the Natural Voice Network (NVN) approach to singing we celebrate the voice you were born with and each of us finds a way of connecting to our unique, authentic voice which can help us feel more alive, energised and expressive.

Eating, exploring nature and singing together can be magical and at this time of year we can reflect on the year past and the year to come and create space to set some intentions that are really meaningful and exciting, new projects, dreams and hopes.

For our ancestors, spending time round a fire in nature and using chants and songs would accompany every kind of activity. Individuals and communities expressed emotions through their songs – joy and celebration, grief and despair. Songs fulfilled a myriad of purposes both practical and profound.

Coming together as a community in nature to reclaim this vital form of expression is a powerful tool for healing and regeneration. Singing like this is a great way to loosen and release emotional blockages in the body. It can be particularly helpful for issues around communication, creativity and connection to others.

The workshop takes place in a picturesque woodland around a fire circle and where there is shelter from the rain. We will tune in to our senses and the environment around us. There will be some physical movement, toning and voice warm ups. The musical pieces are short, using simple call and response chants and songs from around the globe.

The day includes a warm campfire lunch of nourishing vegetarian soup and bread as well as hot drinks throughout.

What a treat!



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The next event is On Saturday 19th October 2019


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