Woodland Mindfulness Retreats

Join Alan Creedon of Endless River for Woodland Mindfulness Retreats in spectacular woodland close to Hebden Bridge.


Weekend Retreat (book below)


For people who want to stretch their comfort zone in nature just little bit, for a deep, connecting experience that will be long lasting.

With camping and the opportunity for sleeping out under the stars and immersion into different mindful nature connection techniques, this weekend will bring you to a grounded place from which you will explore your relationship with the natural world, helping you to come more into union with the landscape through learning to open up to your immediate experience.

Phones will be turned off (Alan, your guide will be the emergency contact) and you will have the chance to detox from every day responsibilities and stresses. The space will be held and all meals will be provided – communal cooking with fresh, locally sourced produce, will be part of the experience.

The weekend will build towards your own ‘solo time’ experience. You will find a space for yourself where you feel safe and just sit with what’s surrounding you for a chunk of time – enough time to move into a new awareness of what’s happening around you and feel a more child-like connection to the land and how you view your relationship to it. Solo time is an ancient practice, very likely undertaken by our ancestors to mark different stages and events of life. This can have the same significance for you.

There will also be some easy hiking, wild swimming opportunities, beautiful woodland to explore, fire and hearty sharing in a safe and supportive environment.

Foraging and Grounding One Day Events

Connect with plants, place and the roots of experience.

On this one day workshop, join mindfulness teacher Alan Creedon and foraging instructor Leonie Morris to connect with traditionally used plants in a beautiful, supportive woodland setting, near Hebden Bridge.

Learn about plants, how we can use them for our well being and for food, whilst connecting more deeply with those plants and their setting through natural mindful practices.

This is a way to experience foraging and the plants themselves as our ancestors may have – with gratitude and reverence, taking into account our roots as farmers and foragers, who relied upon their appearance for both sustenance and maintenance of the wider eco system.

On this day we’ll allow ourselves to really connect with the plants, to sit with them and find which speak to us, opening up to the possibility of a deeper connection with the surrounding woodland, opening senses and, altogether, giving a fulfilling, grounding and connecting experience.