Wild Singing- Twice Monthly Group-Hebden Bridge


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Singing in nature has a deeply nourishing and healing effect on the psyche. Singing in groups around the fire within a natural environment can be bring a profound sense of grounding and belonging that feels akin to what our ancestors must have felt whilst singing through the dark firelit evenings in times gone by. Wholeness, joy, reverence for the beauty of life, celebration or mourning. There are songs for every feeling and every occasion. We will also explore activities and practices that help build our connection to the natural environment find a sense of peace and presence.

Leona has been collecting and sharing songs from this land and from around the world for the past few years. Deeply inspired by the transformative power of both nature connection and singing Leona now brings her gentle techniques and vast array of connective songs to a weekly singing group in Mytholmroyd, Calderdale.

All are welcome no matter who you are or what level of experience you have. This is about finding connection to your authentic voice and sound. It is about exploring and learning to feel connected to yourself and each other within and as part of nature.

You may book on for just one session and be truly welcome but there will be a natural flow and build up of connection to the sessions over time so to commit to the block of 4 is also an option.