Leona Johnson

I am inspired, excited and fascinated by all of nature. Every time I go out I am filled with gratitude for the smallest detail and the biggest idea. I am in awe at the interconnectedness of all that there is and this has lead me on my life long journey,  to find the most effective ways of bringing connection and awareness back to my life, the lives of my children and to that of my communities, local and global.

Leona Pic

Ever since I was a child I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to do something to bring equality to the world in which even at a young age I noticed such inequality. As time went on I realised that this was not a human problem but an ecopsychological one. The disconnection sickness of our times has been destroying our world and our life systems of human and non human others right before our eyes. The dualistic view that we are separate from nature has allowed us to deplete the earth, whilst destroying whole ecosystems, water supplies, air quality and communities. As it stands the future beings that are going to be living on this beautiful Mother Earth, if they survive, will inherit a whole plethora of problems that will take lifetimes to recover. This is our legacy.

After my experience as a child protection social worker working within a broken system for 10 years I reached out for more progressive and sustainable ways of building communities and creating lasting effective radical, societal and spiritual change. My journey has taken me on amazing adventure of inner discovery and acquisition of skills and knowledge bringing me to today. I have taken part in, amongst other things, trainings in Permaculture, Non Violent Communication (NVC) , Forest school training, Ecospychology, training in Life Initiation and Rights of Passage. All of these things inform my approach to life, my work and my future direction.

I am passionate about using nature connection tools and processes to heal and evolve our society and I am filled with gratitude for my life and for the fact that I am able to bring these connections into other people’s lives.