Learning To Live Wild

Are you seeking to live a life more in touch with the cycles of nature and your own innate wildness?


Do you wish to cultivate a deeper sense of belonging in the wilder world around you?


Would you like to take this journey as part of a community, who will witness and support you along the way?

We are so excited to announce this new, year-round programme for adults that will take nature connection and practices to a deeper level. Sessions will take place once a month on a Sunday in the beautiful Knott Wood near Hebden Bridge from April 2021.


What is Learning to Live Wild?


As old as the hills and as mysterious as the night sky, our connection to the wild world runs deep. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors interacted with nature all the time, relying on it for everything they needed to survive & thrive. From harvesting wild plants and mushrooms to making fire and honouring natural cycles with ceremonies, these interactions were central to life. We have all inherited this legacy of wisdom and ability- it’s in our bones- but in an age of screens, cities and endless information, it can be hard to access.

We invite you to rediscover this legacy with us- to realise how deeply we can connect, how alive we can feel, how empowered we can be when we give ourselves the space to learn, play and explore.

We ‘live wild’ by tuning into all of our senses, and to the cycles of nature. By awakening mind, body, heart and spirit, we get to the places where the magic and wisdom lie.


During these monthly sessions will explore…


Fire making and tending



nature connection practices


singing and playing


This journey through the seasons will also be about deepening our relationship to self, other people and the natural world. Sessions will evolve and adapt with the seasons as we explore the passions and wild edges of each group member and explore ways to embody the ‘fully alive human being’


Tutors and Learning Model


Working with the model of the Eight Shields and the core routines, our intention will be to awaken the Eight Attributes of Connection.

Eco-therapist & Nature Mentor Leona Johnson, and Bushcraft Instructor & Nature Mentor Leonie Morris will lead this programme. Special guest instructors will also be brought in to share their unique wisdom and insights.


Dates and Booking


The programme is bookable in 3-month blocks and costs £135 for 3 sessions. Sessions run from 11am-3pm at our Knott Wood site near Hebden Bridge. The first three sessions will take place on Sunday 18th April, Sunday 16th May, Sunday 27th June.