Midsummer Woodland Women Weekend

“Some are born to play it safe. Others are born to live it wild.”

Nikki Rowe, author of  ‘Once a girl now a woman’


At the midpoint of the summer what could be better than spending a weekend in the woods.  Imagine gathering wild food, sharing meals cooked on the fire, walking barefoot or sitting with the trees and contemplating your vision for the year yet to come at this special expansive time of year. Guided by two inspirational wild women, this weekend will feel spacious, rejuvenating, connected and fun.

Over the weekend we will share with you:


Gathered wisdom of edible and medicinal plants

Practical bushcraft skills of fire lighting and cooking on the fire

Skills to use a range of bushcraft tools

An introduction to green woodwork to whittle an item of your choosing

Simple nature inspired meditations

Ways to bring a sense of presence, relaxation and oneness with the natural world into your life at home

Ancient practices of ‘solo’ time in nature

Basic ‘Way of Nature’ Inspired qui gong (pronounced ‘chi’ gung)

Story telling and singing (optional) around the fire
And a strong sense of peace and community with women


Saturday 23rd June 2018, 10am-6pm and Sunday 24th June 10am-4pm
Cost £160 or Early Bird £140 (available until 21st May)

Your guides for the weekend…

Leonie Morris is a qualified Bushcraft Instructor and Wild Food Teacher who has spent years gathering skills and knowledge.  She can guide you on how to identify, harvest and prepare wild plants, including their healing properties and folklore. With   Leonie you will discover delicious recipes using our native wild plant species, harvesting those that can be found in abundance all over the UK.  Leonie also has a particular interest in exploring the uses of wild plants and mushrooms for bushcraft purposes, such as fire lighting.

Coming from a social work background, Leona Johnson has turned her skills to working with the therapeutic and healing powers of nature following her training in Ecopsychology. In addition to this she brings the wisdom of ancient traditional cultural practices to her work, following years of training in Life Stage Honouring and Rites of Passage and her work with Way of Nature UK.

Leonie and Leona are both experienced and passionate Eight Shields Nature Mentors, with a particular love of sharing this inspirational model with women in the wild.