About Us


We are grateful to live and work in beautiful Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

We are an organisation committed to bringing Nature Connection in all its forms to all of our lives and to our communities. For people searching for greater connection to themselves, each other or the natural environment. For those looking for skills, information and knowledge of the world around us. For families wanting wildness for their children to inspire their passions and creativity and for Schools and Organisations who understand the benefits for groups of all ages to spend time learning together in nature. We host and enable many projects and events to support more nature connection to happen. And we are constantly evolving.

At a time when more than ever we understand the need to connect to what really matters this work feels vital. As a legacy for those that come after us we really must protect the land, air and water we rely on for the future generations to come. Connection brings understanding, commitment, passion and action. Lets do this together.

At Live Wild we have an understanding that as nature itself, we are living, breathing elements of a system much more expansive than we could ever imagine, yet we are part of it. In our capacity as human beings we will act as stewards of this land and of ourselves and in doing so dedicate our lives to supporting others to grow the sense of awe and wonder that we all need to feel truly and fully alive

We use learning tools from Bushcraft, Ecopsychology, the Art of Mentoring and Forest Schools. We run courses for adults such as foraging, whittling, singing and nature quests. We also run Forest School programmes, holiday and after school clubs, long term deep nature connection programmes for young people and bespoke training for schools, organisations and businesses. In our commitment to share our passions we have studied, developed, and qualified in many different learning pathways in order to bring to you an amazing array of skills and experience.

Make contact, let us help you take that step into nature together. Whether you are school, organisation, group of friends, parent or individual, we’d love to hear from you.


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