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Burn & Brae Wilderness School (Scots Language for Stream & Hill) is a mentoring programme of deep nature connection practices and skills.  It is a  long term, year round gathering for home-educated/ flexi schooled young people between the ages of 8-14 near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. We run every Tuesday 9-3pm during term time.

Our programme is based on teachings from The Art of Mentoring; we encourage and nourish young people to be their fully zestful & spirited selves, celebrating life, honouring our world & re-remembering that we are Nature.

To find out more about Burn & Brae Wilderness School you can read on, visit our facebook page or email  bandbws@gmail.com

More about Burn and Brae Wilderness School…

Tucked in the valley that the river Calder runs through….hills cut from a glacier long ago, amongst badger sets, the Birch & the Oak, we set forth on an adventure of discovery of Earth based traditions including; silent movement, fun awareness games, tracking wild creatures, fire making & tending, storytelling, foraging wild edible & medicinal plants, camouflage, team challenges, sensory immersion, problem solving, animal form games, wilderness living & survival skills, playing, singing, exploring, hiding & sneaking, dreaming & lots more!

This is an exciting programme of outdoor experiences: an educational model called The Art of Mentoring where the mentors draw students into a deeper connection with the natural world, each other & themselves. It uses nature inspired learning cycles that ignite the young person’s interests & passions, that encourage children’s unique gifts to emerge.

In turn this approach teaches ecological wisdom & inspires community stewardship.

A lot of modern culture takes our children & lures them inside. Burn & Brae is a fully physical & sensory experience. Through whole body learning, we immerse ourselves in nature to gain the full benefits that nature provides for us.

We have a sliding scale of £29 – £45 per day depending on your family’s income. If you are eligible for Working Tax Credit childcare help, you get up to 70% back & it’s only £13.50 a day.

Where, when & for how long?
We meet in Hebden Bridge each Tuesday between 9am-3pm throughout all seasons. Young people can try for a month to see if it is a good fit.

Our Ethos
We envision the future where humans will be a fantastic, positive, life giving & life enhancing presence on the Earth. People who can rise to the challenge & enjoy finding solutions to the current environmental crisis. A future where we are part of a global network of individuals & organisations working towards a shared goal where everything we do, touch, create & use has a positive impact on the Earth, ourselves & our communities- designing everything that is healthy & regenerative, that encourages life in every state- human, plant, water & land to flourish, fostering a vitality & thoughtfulness in all our ecosystems, communities & for our future generations. When we get to connect with the earth, we become bound to it again and we will protect it.

Read more about our leaders here.

If your young person is interested in setting forth on this journey, please email bandbws@gmail.com.
Be Nourished by the Land!