Monthly Nature Mentoring

What is Nature Mentoring

Live Wild Nature Mentoring is a monthly programme where one weekend day each month children get to delve into the outdoors in our beautiful woodlands. In small groups we create a nurturing environment that creates the safety and opportunity for the young people to explore from. We introduce seasonal and age appropriate activities each session inviting curiosity and learning whilst have pure fun. Singing, story telling, den building, fire making, cooking, whittling can all be part of our sessions as well as much much more.

The model we use has been developed using our learning and experience with ‘the art of mentoring’. A number of groups using this model exist around the country thanks to ‘Cultivating Curiosity’ in Sussex who supported us to start in 2017.

We now have two full, thriving groups in Hebden Bridge and are excited to announce that we will be starting two NEW groups in Manchester in September 2019.


Email or use the contact from below for more information on either Hebden Bridge or Manchester Monthly Nature Mentoring.







What is Nature Mentoring? For more information see our blog post.

Please contact us for more info at or phone Leona on 07979 297296.