Our Team


Leona Johnson

Leona trained as a Forest School Leader in 2011 and subsequently went on to work with Manchester Forest School and Manchester Wood School. Leona is a Peer Massage Instructor, Permaculture Designer and workshop facilitator. Leona has also trained in Eco-psychology and Non Violent Communication (NVC). She qualified as a Social Worker in 2001 and has worked in a number of different children and families posts within both statutory and third sector organisations over the past 15 years.


Leonie Morris

is a qualified Bushcraft Instructor and Forest School Leader.  She works with Manchester Forest School and The Wood School, which provides a nature based learning experience for urban children.  She has 7 years experience as a Forest School Leader and has taught food growing in schools and communities for several years.  Leonie also makes and sells green woodwork products, is a qualified chainsaw operator and has a first class degree in Anthropology and Sociology and a Masters in Visual Anthropology.  She has a particular passion for wild food foraging and fire making.

Claire-GoddenClaire Godden

has worked with young people for 15 years as a Playworker, environmental educator, and Forest School Leader. Claire works with local schools, youth groups and young people doing Forest School activities and leading woodland
conservation volunteering and green woodwork. She previously worked for Blackburn council as an “Outdoor Play Ranger” putting on Environmental Education activities in a large country
park with  at-risk children and their parents, schools and the public.  She has a degree in English.  She was an apprentice coppicer and green builder to Ben Law of “Grand Designs” fame.  She holds chainsaw qualifications.In her spare time she makes rustic furniture. She also volunteers for The Woodland Trust as an Ancient Woodland Heritage researcher, researching and recording the history of local woodland.

DSC_1905Rebecca Curley

is an experienced teacher who has taught in mainstream schools for over twenty years. She currently teaches key stages 1 and 2. During school holidays she runs our Forest School style Holiday Club. Rebecca has a First class B.Ed (hons) specialising in maths and computer studies from the University of North London.


                                                                                           Collecting sticks for a natural shelterLaura McNally

began leading Burn and Brae Wilderness School (Scots Language for Stream and Hill) in September 2015.   Laura did art at college and enjoys creative thinking and generating ideas. When she became a mum, she began to search for nourishing ways to grow and guide our children. She became involved with La Leche League – a breastfeeding and gentle parenting support network. She did the ‘First Three Years’ Course with the Steiner School in York and became inspired by connecting children with nature and gently marking the rhythms of the day. Through training as a Forest School Leader 7 years ago, she heard that there are many different ways around the world that people educate their children. She found Re-evaluation Co-counselling and enjoys the amazing Liberation work and healing that this movement brings.

Laura went to community camps, and starting learning about indigenous peoples wisdom in how society can be, about community, ceremonies and marking special occasions. She volunteered at a girls wilderness camp in Wales. A few years ago, she heard about ‘The Art of Mentoring’, went to an introduction to The 8 Shields in Ireland, loved it and went to do Ring 1 of The Art of Mentoring in Scotland and then Ring 2 the following year. Last year she took part in a Life Stage Honouring course led by Sal Gencarelle – learning the importance of marking life transitions- different periods in our lives and how it leads to our well being and healthy culture. She also makes environmentally responsible Jewellery using designs inspired by nature, storytelling and herbal lore. She’s learning to read the tracks left by our wild creatures and understand the language of birds.




Connecting people with nature