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Adult courses 

Imagine if you will, walking mindfully from the world as you know it into the colours, scents and energy of a native woodland, a new world full of wonder and possibility. Imagine the weight of everyday life dropping from your shoulders as your senses awaken to the beauty of nature and the enjoyment of being with other like minded people.  


All of our courses offer you a chance to deepen your connection to yourself and your place within a living environment surrounded by living beings, human and otherwise. Our experiences will seek to empower you with ancient skills and knowledge combined with modern science so you can become more in touch with your own confidence, and gain a greater sense of belonging within your body and within the natural world. 

We aspire to foster a sense of caring and community as we guide you as part of a group in learning about wild food foraging, whittling, nature connection techniques and wilderness awareness. After attending one of our retreats we know you will leave us having gained new experiences and skills, and feeling much more relaxed, nourished, and inspired.

Our courses are mostly based in woods near Hebden Bridge approximately 1 mile from the train station, although we have also started to run courses in Manchester and are open to taking our offerings further afield if the opportunity should arise.

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Information relating to location and what to bring etc. will be sent on completion of the booking.


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